Just a few days after giving fans a free song, Wilco have announced the Sept. 9 release of their 10th studio LP, Schmilco.

New Wilco track "Locator" popped up on the internet July 14 — and as it turns out, the song serves as the leadoff single from Schmilco. The 12-song set arrives a year and change after their previous effort, Star Wars.

"I don’t know what people are thinking about the band as a whole," frontman Jeff Tweedy told Faster Louder earlier this year. Although he didn't mention the new record, he looked back on the sudden, free release of Star Wars by adding, "From our perspective, people keep showing up just to see us play and people tend to buy our records at a time when not many people are buying records and we feel very fortunate to be in a position where we could do whatever we wanted."

Schmilco, available for pre-order now, will be supported by a lengthy tour that kicks off Aug. 13 in Winnipeg and is currently scheduled to continue through late November, when the band's set to wrap up with a two-date U.K. run.

Alongside the Schmilco release announcement, the band have already released the record's second single, "If I Ever Was a Child," which is, along with "Locator," available as an instant download to fans who pre-order digital copies — and which you can stream now via the audio embed above.

Wilco, 'Schmilco' Track Listing

1. "Normal American Kids"
2. "If I Ever Was a Child"
3. "Cry All Day"
4. "Common Sense"
5. "Nope"
6. "Someone to Lose"
7. "Happiness"
8. "Quarters"
9. "Locator"
10. "Shrug and Destroy"
11. "We Aren’t the World (Safety Girl)"
12. "Just Say Goodbye"

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