North Carolina singer-songwriter Jeremy Squires let's the back-country bleed through on his latest record of campfire-ready acoustic tunes, 'Central Nervous Station.'

Squires' voice is honest in such a way that you imagine his melodic intone and his speaking voice not differing at all -- like his conversational cadence carries the same longing and gloom as the spacious queries he makes on 'Central Nervous Station.'

Even looking at photos of Squires, you can almost hear him begging, "Don't you wonder why they leave and let you down? Don't you wonder why?" You can almost feel him staring through your head as if the answer to his questions are, at best, miles away.

"'A Warm Glow' is one of those songs that will mean something different to everyone," he tells "The song is about mental illness and subconsciously pushing everyone away, among other things."

Pour yourself a whiskey on the rocks and listen to this one alone.

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