As Jesse Malin continues celebrating the release of his latest full-length effort, New York Before the WarDiffuser couldn't be more excited to partner with him to keep the party going; today (June 18), we give you the official music video for the LP's third track, "Turn Up the Mains" -- check it out above.

New York Before the War is packed with undeniably catchy tunes, and "Turn Up the Mains" is easily one of our favorites; an obvious nod to the likes of the Stones and the MC5, the accompanying visuals take the listening experience to a whole new level.

"I wrote this song in Italy just before walking on stage," Malin recalls. "I wanted a 'Kick Out the Jams' style anthem to battle these apathetic times. The saxophone solo by Danny Ray melted down my brother creepers at Magic Shop Studios."

He also adds, "'Turn Up the Mains' is about finding a way to rise above all the obstacles in life's daily doldrums. Andrew Moorehead was able to turn this into a fun and chaotic journey of what one very dedicated person might do when they're under extreme pressure."

Malin is heading to Spain with his glam punk outfit D Generation, and will be back stateside beginning June 27 with a gig at the Stone Pony in New Jersey. He has dates scheduled throughout Nashville, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and many, many more; check out his full tour itinerary -- and stay up-to-date with everything happening in Malin's world -- at his official website.

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