If we're to believe the photographic evidence (and really, who are we to doubt it?), then it looks like one of the most badass women to walk the earth will front one of the most important bands of the past quarter century when that band is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tomorrow.

A picture on the Foo Fighters' Instagram includes the three instruments played by Nirvana's surviving members plus a guitar that looks an awful lot like the one owned by Joan Jett.

Nirvana will be among the artists inducted into the Rock Hall at a ceremony in New York tomorrow night. With Kurt Cobain no longer around, rumors began swirling as to who would play with the group during the annual performance portion of the show. Would it be Paul McCartney, who performed with them in 2012? Would they just do it as a trio?

Well, apparently we have our answer. Even though there hasn't been official confirmation, and that photo offers no other proof than the instruments, the artists have history. The Foo Fighters backed Jett during a 2011 performance on 'Late Show With David Letterman,' and Jett produced the debut album by the Germs, which included future Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear.

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