Iowa's Jocelyn are carrying the torch for the Midwestern melodic rock scene after so many of the genre's heroes have fallen. By learning from the mistakes of those that came before, Jocelyn were able to tailor their approach as a band in the pop-rock lane and get back to what matters. The trio writes honest, back-to-basics pop tunes and performs as a full band -- just like it was supposed to be.

"'A Little Too Late' is the debut single off our sophomore EP, 'Hold on to This,' due out Feb. 8, 2013," frontman Alex Wiese told "This song follows the perspective of both a boy and a girl who grow up in the same town and never get the courage to make a move and admit their infatuation for the other."

If you're a fan of the Fray, Steel Train or Nine Days, give Jocelyn a try below.

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