Folk singer-songwriter Joe Pug’s third album, ‘Windfall,’ won’t arrive until Mar. 10, but if its track, ‘If Still It Can’t Be Found,’ is any sign -- and we think it is -- great things can be expected from the upcoming LP. Take a listen to the moving ballad below.

The singer, who premiered the song via Rolling Stone, said he was experiencing writer’s block and found inspiration when he picked up a free piano via Craigslist.

“I had been in a bit of a songwriting rut, just sitting in my house with the guitar in my hands playing the same chords over and over,” he told the magazine. “To wake myelf up, I went out and got one of those ‘free-if-you-move-it’ Craigslist pianos. When I got it back to my place, I sat down and ‘If Still It Can’t Be Found’ just kind of flowed out.”

“A week later, I hired a piano tuner and he just laughed when he played the first note,” Pug continued. “It was so out of tune, that it was a half-step flat. The demo I recorded was in B flat, but I thought it was in B."

Pug got an assist from Wilco’s Pat Sansone, who added mellotron to the track and said he was honored to contribute to the “truly beautiful and deeply soulful song."