Today's free MP3 comes from Portland, Ore.-based singer John Amadon, whose new album 'The Bursting Sheaf' melds the folky sounds of the Northwest with classic rock rhythms.

His single 'Taking My Field Away' is immediately familiar. Amadon's triple-whisper evokes Elliott Smith, while the lazy-day drums have the loose feel of Southern rock. The guitar, though rigid, shines brightly on the chorus with metal chugs and acoustic embellishments.

Not many people can pull of the whole Elliott Smith deal without making themselves look silly. It's a pretty big genre to tackle, what with its Beatlesque melodies, unexpected chord progressions and gorgeous melancholy. But this Portland rocker shows that he's just as talented on guitar while holding on to more traditional song structures.

"The initial idea for 'Taking My Field Away' was just to  write a simple pastoral song with good descriptive language and imagery," Amadon tells "Somehow it also ended up being a story about displacement, about someone who has been unwillingly pushed out of their place or comfort zone, and the resentment that arises in a situation like that."

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