John Frusciante will release a new EP of experimental electronic music this Record Store Day.

The former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist’s new solo Foregrow EP is due out April 16 via Acid Test. According a press release, it continues Frusciante's acid house explorations of recent releases and combines “elements of John Carpenter’s eternal scores, the drum programming DNA of jungle and footwork, and yes, a Roland TB-303.”

Considering Frusciante is issuing the EP in conjunction with RSD, it’s probably safe to assume it will have a price sticker on it. That seemingly contradicts the guitarist’s previous comments suggesting artists who monetize their music are “sell-outs.”

“When someone releases music on a label, they are selling it, not giving it,” Frusciante wrote in an open letter. “Art is a matter of giving… Recording artists have been ‘giving’ the public music by selling it to them for so long that we now think of sell-outs as dedicated musicians who love their audience so much that they aggressively sell them products.”

At the time of the letter, Frusciante uploaded a mass amount of new music for free on his Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.

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