Yes, John Nolan is from Taking Back Sunday. Moving on ... Nolan has had a fairly quiet solo career, but his name's been popping up more and more since he teamed up with Burning House and Collective Confusion Records for a split release -- featuring himself and Mansions -- that can now (legally!) offer you anxious listeners in a digital format for free .

John's contribution to the 7-inch is 'C'est Le Fin Dumonde,' a waltzing slow jam recorded with Mike Sapone, one of our favorites producers of adventurous pop and rock. The doo-wop-like pop ballad just begs for singing along.

Nolan has supported the release with a few dates alongside Mansions, but he otherwise must focus his time on playing with Taking Back Sunday, as well as recovering from Hurricane Sandy, which left much of the band out of their houses and without power for weeks. Be on the lookout for tomorrow's free MP3, the Mansions' half of this perfect split. If you're a vinyl collector, the physical disc can be purchased here and .

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