While most of us are still crossing our fingers for an Oasis reunion, Johnny Marr and Paul Weller argue Noel Gallagher is doing just fine on his own. Marr even went so far as to call Gallagher a “national treasure.”

Weller added that Gallagher’s recently released sophomore effort, Chasing Yesterday, is an achievement in its own right. “I couldn’t give a f--- if Oasis got back together again because I like what he does now,” the former Jam frontman told NME. “He gets better and better I think. His new album is wicked.”

“When I played with [Gallagher] recently, it’s interesting because he’s filled up this arena and he’s managed to do it by inventing a new kind of Noel music, which does what you want from it,” Marr -- who contributed to Gallagher’s “The Ballad of the Mighty I” -- added. “He still does big melodies, big choruses and places really amazing feeling in there. But it’s a new kind of thing he’s doing.”

Weller also said that he is collaborating with Gallagher on a new song for his next album. “We were trying to write a song for my new album but he was only [in the studio] for a few hours,” Weller explained. “We had the makings of a track but we just need to sit down and finish it.”

Regardless of whether or not Gallagher decides to reunite with his brother Liam, the High Flying Birds leader recently said he may retire from touring within the next 10 years.

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