The Twin Cities' Johnnyrook learn from their mistakes with swansong 'From Remorse We Learn.'

It's an unfortunate truth, but much like life, the music industry is hardly fair. Despite Johnnyrook's unbreakable work ethic, the genuine emotion that radiated from James Kuzma's vocals and the public's general appreciation for their style of pop-rock, the Minneapolis band was tragically overlooked by fans of the Fray and Acceptance and other such bands.

In remembrance of Johnnyrook, we're spotlighting the single 'M-F,' a single off 'From Remorse We Learn.' The album proved their most mature and stands as the band's quintessential release.

"This record was about starting over at point A and doing it on our terms, since we had already gone from point A to Point B with no in-between," guitarist Zac Boyd told "This led to the album title of 'From Remorse We Learn.'"

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