The latest season of 'Portlandia' has become a second home for wayward indie rockers, with members of Wilco, TV on the Radio and even Jello Biafra making guest shots on the popular hipster-skewing IFC show. Now it's Josh Homme's turn.

The Queens of the Stone Age frontman will play himself on this week's episode, but with a Portlandian twist. He appears as the "disappointing" gay brother of the show's star Carrie Brownstein. Disappointing because he favors Jagermeister and ESPN over interior design.

In the above clip, which is part of tomorrow night's episode, Homme's boyfriend explains the pair's first encounter to Brownstein: "We met at an ESPN Zone, then got into a bar fight and then we ended up just making out at the bar."

Brownstein and the show's other regular star, Fred Armisen, assumed that her gay brother would be a bit more, um, "gay," as opposed to a boozing jock. They hoped for help with redecorating their place, not a guy who'd leave it a mess. "Are you sure they're gay?" asks Armisen. "They're slobs." "I got totally ripped off on the gay-relative thing," Brownstein laments.