Details of the new Queens of the Stone Age LP remain tightly under wraps for now. But whenever the record finally emerges, frontman Josh Homme promises that fans can expect a set that aggressively takes risks.

Speaking with New Zealand's the Rock FM (via Ultimate Guitar), Homme described the sense of urgency in the band surrounding the new music, saying he feels "sort of like a panther in the trees leaping out of the darkness" who's "ready to pounce" as soon as the record's ready.

"I feel like we're just leaning on the gate waiting for someone to open that sucker up so we can move," Homme continued. "I think the record feels that way too — it feels uptempo." Saying their last album, 2013's ...Like Clockwork, was "about making it through," he added, "this time we've made it through the other side and we're ready to roll."

Pressed for details of a release date, Homme stayed coy, saying he was approaching the album's arrival as "a bit of rock 'n' roll hide and seek" that would be preceded by the band letting "out some clues here and there and have fun gently torturing each other."

As for the musical contents, Homme was every bit as vague — although he did allow that the new LP is a reflection of his overall goal to "make your last record your best record" by always staying vulnerable and taking risks.

"At the end of the day, this is just a musical way to explain a lifetime," mused Homme. "So the most important record I'm making is the one I'm working on. For the lack of a better term, I bet my life on it. If you don't risk anything, you're not gonna get anything. I don't want to copy myself, I just want to take another chance at it. It keeps it always exciting that way."

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