Ahead of today's (May 12) release of Who Me?Juan Wauters performed the new track "I Was Well" for a special group of friends and fans -- check it out above.

As part of Brooklyn Magazine's Brooklyn X Brooklyn Live Session series, the Uruguay-born (now-Jackson Heights, Queens-based) singer-songwriter looked like a troubadour as he casually held his guitar while he played in the middle of the room. As part of the series, Wauters was also asked to play a cover from another New York City artist or band; he chose to play "Questioningly" by the Ramones.

"I'm going to play a song from the Ramones, a band that is very important to me," he told the crowd as he rested his guitar upside down on the floor. "I learned a lot from them because they chose to go about music, dedicating their life to songwriting. And I think that's a really good thing. Of course we can go about other things, but songwriting [is] very important."

While the rendition stayed very true to the original version, his decision to stick to the acoustic guitar for the performance gave it an even softer vibe than the Ramones ever intended. You can see Wauters' performance of "Questioningly" below:

Wauters is the first in the Brooklyn X Brooklyn series, which will also feature Beverly, Great Good Fine OK and Strange Names in the coming weeks. You can grab your copy of Who Me?, which is out now via Captured Tracks, here.

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