It's only been a year since the Kaiser Chiefs released their last album, 'The Future Is Medieval' -- and just a few weeks since they issued a repackaged version titled 'Start the Revolution Without Me' -- but the Kaiser Chiefs are already looking ahead to their next project. Actually, they're looking back: the band will release a greatest hits collection, 'Souvenir: The Singles 2004 – 2012,' in June.

Like most compilations, 'Souvenir' will come with a pair of non-album tracks. Here's where it gets confusing, though: the new songs (titled 'Listen to Your Head' and 'On the Run') are both also bundled with 'Start the Revolution Without Me,' which modified 'The Future Is Medieval' for the North American market -- leading us to wonder if perhaps 'Souvenir' will later be repackaged with a different track listing for U.S. buyers, thus creating an infinite transcontinental reissue loop. OR DID WE JUST BLOW YOUR MINDS.

Well. Whatever happens next, we can expect to see 'Souvenir: The Singles 2004 - 2012' on store shelves in June, with the following tracks on it. Plan accordingly:

Kaiser Chiefs, 'Souvenir: The Singles 2004 - 2012'
1. 'Oh My God'
2. 'Ruby'
3. 'I Predict A Riot'
'Never Miss A Beat'
4. 'Everything Is Average Nowadays'
5. 'The Angry Mob'
6. 'Listen To Your Head'
7. 'Every Day I Love You Less and Less'
8. 'Little Shocks'
9. 'Love's Not A Competition (But I'm Winning)'
10. 'Good Days Bad Days'
11. 'On The Run'
12. 'You Can Have It All'
13. 'Modern Way'
14. 'Man On Mars'
15. 'Kinda Girl You Are'

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