Brooklyn-based indie Kalen Lister has been writing and making music for as long as she can remember. Having since teamed up with the Sky Thieves in 2012, Lister has pushed her brand of moody, soulful rock to the limits, and that is no more apparent than with the brand new track, 'Somedays.' Diffuser is excited to give you the first chance to hear the new tune in the audio player below.

"This song is about feeling manic," Lister tells us. "It’s about an individual’s relationship with the world as they experience it in a reactionary way, as opposed to the outer experience."

The singer-songwriter continues, "It’s about confidence swings and even being in awe at recognizing how we can have such a range of human emotion. It's about the harmony and peace and communion one can feel sometimes and how crippled by worry and doubt we can be at other times, all within this incredible, feeling vessel."

Listen to 'Somedays' below:

The Sky Thieves are comprised of Jay Giacomazzo, Will Hanza and Wayan Zoey, with Lister on keys and handling vocal duties. 'Somedays' is a sneak peek at what fans can expect from the band's pyschedelic-fueled, soul-inspired, folk-tinged debut LP, 'Bluebird,' set for release this fall.

Get all the details on Kalen and the Sky Thieves -- including their upcoming tour -- at the band's official website here.