The New Pornographers' singer/guitarist Kathryn Calder has had a side-career as a solo artist for some time now, and on April 14, she will release her third LP, a self-titled record via File Under: Music. Today (Feb. 11), she's released one of the record's catchy indie pop singles, 'Take a Little Time,' which you can listen to below.

The new disc will serve as a follow-up to her 2011 album, 'Bright and Vivid,' and will most likely take a very different angle, considering it was written after the tragic deaths of her two parents.

“I wrote love songs, but love in a broad way,” says Calder. “To feel loss is to feel love. To be vulnerable is to let yourself be loved.” Regarding the new album, she has said that she's “channeled her inner Brian Eno and began experimenting with the sounds and textures of early synth music.” Co-produced by her husband Colin Stewart, the album's featured list of collaborators include Dan Mangan, Hannah Georgas and Jill Barber, as well as others. You can view the 10 song track list below.

As we wait to hear more from Calder, enjoy 'Take a Little Time':

'Kathryn Calder' Track List
1. 'Slow Burning'
2. 'Take A Little Time'
3. 'Worth Remembering'
4. 'Blue Skies'
5. 'When You See My Blood'
6. 'Only Armour'
7. 'Song in Cm'
8. 'By Pride Or By Design'
9. 'Arm in Arm'
10. 'Beach'

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