On April 1, Brooklyn-based KDH will release their second full-length album, Piedmont Rose. Packed full of loud and fun Southern-tinged psychedelic rock, the record is a throwback to the '70s with firmly planted roots in the 21st century. While that's not necessarily an easy thing to accomplish without coming off as inauthentic or clichéd, KDH have expertly succeeded with a raw sense of genuineness.

Today (March 6), Diffuser is thrilled to give you a fresh taste of what to expect from Piedmont Rose with the new track, "Heaven Should." Take it for a spin in the audio player below.

"'Heaven Should' is basically a 'check yourself before you wreck yourself' rock tune, and just another excuse to swing, shuffle and talk s---," frontman Drew Taylor tells us.

And when it comes to good rock and roll songs, aren't those the only three things that matter?

KDH are set to rock St. Vitus in Brooklyn tomorrow night (March 7) alongside Skull Practitioners, Twin Strike and Marching Teeth. They're also playing the Wherehouse in Newburgh, N.Y. on March 14. Make sure to stay up-to-date with everything happening in KDH's world at their official website.

Piedmont Rose Tracklist
1. "Beloved Devotion"
2. "Time To Die"
3. "Lupa"
4. "Ratchets"
5. "Heaven Should"
6. "Seven Thunders"
7. "Shelter / Ratchets (Reprise)"
8. "Lettuce Rest (Appalachian Spring)"
9. "Piedmont Rose"