Next year, soul songstress Kendra Morris returns with the follow-up to ‘Mockingbird,’ her recent collection of rock 'n' roll covers. Until then, she's tiding us over with an exclusive live video of the song ‘Winding.’

Shot in a park, the clip finds Morris giving a captivating performance of the song, which she says is about her fascination with time.

“‘Winding’ is about time; how everything is constantly moving," she says. "Beauty fades, years go by, people come and go. Nothing is permanent. I have always found this to be a sad and very romantic thing. Whether you are someone who obsesses over time or does just the opposite and lives in the moment, there is no denying the power of time.”

Earlier this year, the New York City native debuted a stop-animation video (below) for ‘Winding’ that she created with her friend Shannon Weidel.

“We did it all with no storyboard and would work for days and hours at a time, just seeing where each scene would take us," Morris says. "It’s amazing how the video wound up working it’s way into the story of the song so well.”

“The old woman in the video represents the reaper of time,” the singer adds. “She is always there to interrupt the party.”

Watch Kendra Morris' Video for 'Winding'