For the final installment of Kevin Devine’s inaugural Devinyl single series, the singer-songwriter partnered with Brand New’s Jesse Lacey for a pair of R.E.M. covers. We’ve already heard Lacey’s take on “Bad Day,” and now, Devine’s rendition of “Imitation of Life” has surfaced online.

Devine delivers a sugary, stripped-down version of R.E.M.’s jangly 2001 track, which you can hear up above (via Mashable). Devine and Lacey decided to tackle R.E.M. for the latest Devinyl split, because the college-rock greats are “kind of punished for being too consistent.” Likewise, Devine admires Michael Stipe’s unique, difficult-to-categorize voice. “[Stipe’s] voice is not what you consider to be a pop star’s voice or even a rock star’s voice,” Devine told Mashable.

Devine and Lacey’s R.E.M. split will arrive on March 25 via Bad Timing Records with the Brand New frontman’s “Bad Day” on the A-side. This marks Devine’s sixth and final Devinyl split single, but the singer wants to keep the project going. He plans to relaunch a second round of singles in 2018 and hopes to recruit Sharon Van Etten, Hop Along and David Bazan for the next series. Perfect Pussy’s Meredith Graves, Owen, Tigers Jaw and Cymbals Eat Guitars have all contributed to the first set.

Devine released his most recent and simultaneous full-lengths Bulldozer and Bubblegum back in 2013.

R.E.M., "Imitation of Life" -- Official Music Video

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