Michelle Wie and Fannypack — BFFs? Maybe not, but the young professional golfer and the early 2000s electro-hip-hop act appear together in a Kia Soul commercial featuring clay pigeon target practice.

The ad shows a group of men in the countryside firing off clay pigeons and shooting them down. It turns out Wie is the one taking out the targets, by hitting golf balls into them with perfect accuracy.

Wie jumps into her Kia Soul and takes off, while the Fannypack song 'Hit It' blares, with its saucy lyrics, "Boy you think you hit it / Oh no you didn't / No way, no how / We're gonna show you now."

The Hawaiian-born Wie has been female golf's top endorsement figure since she burst onto the scene at age 13. Now 22, Wie's career has not yet lived up to the hype, with only two victories on tour and no major titles, but she remains a favorite of sponsors.

Fannypack's career also fizzled after their brief run of success starting in 2003 with the novelty party hit 'Cameltoe.' 'Hit It' appears on their album 'Ghetto Bootleg,' which was initially self-released online in 2005, before the label finally released it officially three years later.

Fannypack Singer Cat Hartwell went on to join indie dance rock act Holy Hail, who have performed shows with the Rapture and Florence + the Machine.

Watch Fannypack's 'Hit It' in the Kia Soul Clay Pigeons Commercial