Two weeks ago, we reported that Killing Joke singer Jaz Coleman had gone missing. We are pleased to report that the story has a happy ending, as Coleman has resurfaced in, of all places, the Sahara Desert.

Yesterday, a post on the band's Facebook page called 'Jaz Coleman, alive and kicking' was published and featured the following quote from the singer. “I’ve been finishing my book and writing the score for my new project – ('The Nirvana Symphonic') – (laughs), what’s all the fuss about then?”

"Coleman had apparently been living a nomadic existence for the last month in the desert in order to concentrate on finishing his two current projects," the note explained.

'The Nirvana Symphonic,' which includes a book and a Coleman solo album, could be available for order by next week. Coleman is also planning a concert in Seattle and a TV show as part of the project.

Killing Joke, however, will not be participating on the scheduled tour with the Cult and the Mission UK. Shortly before Coleman's disappearance, disparaging remarks about the Cult were made on their Facebook page by someone claiming to be Coleman. As the band wrote, "'Looks like this has caused a right ding dong and feel its impossible to continue this tour under the circumstances."

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