Kim Lenz carved out a spot for herself in the L.A. rockabilly scene with her 1998 debut and three follow-up records. She then took a hiatus to start a family, but now, she's back with a brand-new album, ‘Follow Me.’

Fans certainly haven't forgotten Lenz’s soulful croon, and as they welcome her back with open arms, they won’t be disappointed by this, her fiercest effort yet.

Get a taste of the songstress’ new work by downloading today’s free MP3, the disc's title track. While Lenz has always delivered emotionally complex lyrics wrapped in her strong, rootsy vocals, 'Follow Me' has even more edge. The singer admits she’s even tougher today than she was at the time of her last record, and the lyrics prove that point.

“The song is a very strong female statement,” she tells “I wrote it for my previous record, and even though I’ve always considered myself tougher than the next girl, I just didn’t have the balls to record it until now.”

Grab ‘Follow Me’ when it lands Aug. 20 via Riley Records.

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