Kill Rock Stars' Kinski are a breath of fresh air from a label known for it's work with the Decemberists, Elliott Smith and a slew of Northwest punk bands.

This quartet's sound is near-noise, a clamorous nod to true '90s garage rock. One thing that definitely remains in line with label's MO, however, is the group's stripped-down approach to production, something that, from acoustic to punk to rock albums, serves the KRS brand well.

“'Conflict Free Diamonds' is about being kicked to the ground, feeling as low as you’ve ever felt and then getting a brief glimpse that things might get better down the road; a flash of happiness while you’re in the middle of a drunken, sad haze," Kinski's Chris Martin told

"We played the song for a year or so at shows, but it never felt quite right, so we stripped the arrangement down to its essentials, and that’s the version we recorded for [the new full-length] 'Cosy Moments,'" he added.

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