New York City residents who weren't able to snag tickets to the opening night of Kraftwerk's eight-night residency at the Museum of Modern Art have a new alternative. Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth and a host of others will be participating in 'Krautwerk 1-8 Condensed: Kraftwerk Covered,' a Kraftwerk tribute performance.

'Krautwerk' takes place at Littlefield in Brooklyn on April 10, the same night the group begins its MoMA run. Among those joining Gordon to perform Kraftwerk covers are Julie Cafritz of Pussy Galore and Free Kitten, Dan Friel of Parts and Labor, Pete Nolan from Magik Markers, Sebastian Thomson of Trans Am, Oneida's Barry London, Xaddax, and Matt Marlin of Pterodactyl.

While Kraftwerk's MoMA sets will spotlight one album each evening, the 'Krautwerk' show is a one-night only event incorporating music from all eight records. Tickets range from $12.50 to $15 and the event is curated by 'The Onion' Features Editor Joe Garden.

The pioneering electronic band has influenced countless rock and electronic acts since its first self-titled album in 1970. Kraftwerk's MoMA residency begins with a performance of their 1974's 'Autobahn,' the German group's most commercially successful album.

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