Swedish experimental noise-rock trio Kriget explore the darkest elements of society. That much is clear in their choice of name (Kriget is Swedish for “the war"); their brand-new album's title, ‘Dystopico'; and their music itself.

Together, Gustav Bendt (saxophone), Per Nordmark (drums) and Christoffer Roth (bass) have strung together a set of unbalanced yet incredibly measured songs.

The band describes this sound as a “controlled chaos,” and you can hear it for yourself in today’s free MP3, the album’s buzzing opener, ‘Sleeping With Buddha.’ Bendt’s sax and the track’s surprising melodies offer relief to what begins with buzzing flies and Nordmark’s foreboding drumwork.

“The song is based on intense heat, flies and an itching feel of dark anxiety that eventually bursts out into something slightly more positive, but that is more or less a controlled chaos, like getting lost in a forest just to find a few more people that are lost as well,” the band tells Diffuser.fm. “It’s positive, but it doesn’t help you.”

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