At least he's got New York City. In his new video for 'How Long Will I Wait,' premiering today on Diffuser, wounded troubadour Kris Gruen pines for a love who's gone away. Like any good NYC musician, he strolls the streets and strums away his pain, looking hurt but never broken.

Due out Jan. 21, the 'How Long Will I Wait' single follows the album 'New Comics from the Wooded World,' which Gruen released last summer. The video's producer, Joey Carey of Sundial Pictures, helps capture NYC in grand fashion, honoring the tradition of Gruen's father, Bob, the acclaimed rock photographer whose shots of John Lennon and the Clash, among others, have made him a legend.

"It's a song about longing for someone who's been away for some time, someone who's presence is of dear providence and comfort," Gruen tells "It's a song about missing someone with a child's innocence, and needing them home. "

Speaking of home -- Gruen will be away from his later this month, as he heads to Park City, Utah, for a run of Sundance-related shows that culminates with a Jan. 20 performance at the ASCAP Music Cafe. Following that, he brings his acoustic guitar and soothing voice to L.A. for a pair of club shows -- click here for more info.