It's been 20 years since Nirvana's Kurt Cobain tragically ended his life. And what better way to remember the sad event than with a new comic book, er "graphic novel,' that tells the tale of the reluctant hero?

Bluewater Productions is publishing 'Tribute: Kurt Cobain' as part of an ongoing series that includes the likes of other dead celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean and Bruce Lee. According to the press release, the comic book details "Nirvana frontman's life from his early days to his battle with overwhelming fame, and the pain he suffers mentally and emotionally."

The story of Nirvana is retold in the book, explaining how "grunge" was a "subgenre of alternative rock," and how it shared "similar lyrical concerns" with punk. The informative cheese whiz here is full of typically silly tales and illustrations that attempt to condense the life of one of the most significant bands of the past 25 years into a tidy comic book, er graphic novel.

Despite the unintentional goofiness of much of the text, and many of the illustrations, it's hard to argue with one quote that states simply, "Nirvana transformed rock for a generation." That they did, though we gotta admit that the Archies did this whole comic-book band thing much better.

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