Musicians deal with criticism in a variety of ways: Some lash out, others become withdrawn, and as revealed in a new clip filmed from the upcoming Kurt Cobain HBO documentary Montage of Heck that's making the rounds, the Nirvana leader and Courtney Love used to cope by filming themselves performing readings of angry hate mail. See for yourself below:

In the clip, originally filmed in 1992, Love reads aloud an angry letter to the editor a fan wrote in response to the cover of the April 1992 issue of Sassy, on which the two affectionately appear. The camera goes back and forth between Love and a dress-wearing Cobain, who also sports lipstick and a fake mustache while mouthing along as Love reads the words with exaggerated emphasis on the fan's rage.

In the letter, the fan -- the self-proclaimed "Stacy, the Kurt slave" who referred to the Hole singer as "nasty old, dirty Ms. Love" -- wrote that the cover made her "want to vomit" and that she "scared poor Kurt into going out with her." She concluded the letter by telling Sassy editors that for showing Love kissing Cobain on the cover, "I will never forgive you. Never, never!"

The full documentary has been playing in select theaters since April 10 but will premiere on HBO on May 4. Some perhaps equally good news is that the Los Angeles apartment in which this footage was captured and in which the couple lived is available to rent through Airbnb, so you can totally go there and film a reenactment right now.

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