There are plenty of dedicated Kurt Cobain fans out there -- including some of this generation's biggest rock stars -- but how many people would be willing to drop nearly $10,000 to purchase the departed grunge rock legend's expired credit card?

Well, it's time to find out. Paddle8, an online auction house, has placed the defunct Seafirst BankCard Visa up for bidding, with an expected sale price of up to $7-$9,000.

The card (pictured above) expired in February 1995 and looks to have two sets of numbers handwritten over the security code on the back, along with the Nirvana frontman's infamous signature. (Paddle8 notes the numbers appear to be a phone number.) It also comes with a King of Clubs Slot Club credit  card holder.


The card is part of Paddle8's ongoing "Legendary: Memorabilia From Rock Gods and Pop Stars" collection. Other items that are featured in the collection include a handwritten U2 setlist from when they toured in support of War, a slew of rare photographs and Frank Sinatra's drivers license from 1944.

All bids will be final on Feb. 26 so now's your chance to spend all of your hard-earned money on someone's expired personal document (Cobain's credit card is already up to $5,500). If you want, we'll sell you ours for half of the price!

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