On July 23, 1993, Kurt Cobain participated in what would turn out to be his final magazine cover shoot. Memories of this shoot are detailed by Jesse Frohman, the photographer on-hand at the time and author of the upcoming book, ‘Kurt Cobain: The Last Session.’ In the latest issue of MOJO magazine, Frohman explains what it was like hanging out with Cobain.

“When Kurt showed up at the door he very politely and quietly asked for a bucket … I said, ‘Sure, but what do you need a bucket for?’ And he said, ‘Because I think I’m going to puke,’” Frohman recalls. As the photographer explains, Cobain was “still feeling ill after overdosing just hours before.”

'Kurt Cobain: The Last Session' is a definitive book of photographs that the public has never seen before. Fans can get their hands on the book through Frohman's PledgeMusic campaign -- and there are a lot of exciting goodies you can get your hands on for the right price. Get details on the new book here, and keep an eye out for MOJO's latest issue on newsstands.

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