Kurt Vile's forthcoming double album 'Wakin on a Pretty Daze' doesn't drop for another few weeks -- April 9, if you want to get really specific -- but last night (March 20), he debuted his new single, 'Never Run Away,' via an infomercial that aired on the CW network in his hometown of Philadelphia. In the clip he explains that he's "way over budget" and thus "couldn't take out a real commercial," so instead, he just aired video of the tune spinning on a turntable with his adorable little daughter running in and out of the frame while playing with various random toys and masks.

We're not sure why he couldn't have spent the infomercial loot on a proper video and skipped the whole commercial angle entirely, but this clip is probably as enjoyable as anything else he would've come up with -- maybe even more so -- so were not complaining. Not at all.