L.A. grunge-rockers L7 announced their indefinite hiatus more than a decade ago in 2001, but now – with the help of fans – a reunion tour could be on the way.

The band’s original lineup (Donita Sparks, Suzi Gardner, Jennifer Finch and Demetra Plakas) recently took to their Facebook -- which they opened a year ago to post archival photos they’ve been gathering for an upcoming documentary -- to discuss their plans.

“Greetings people! We want you to know that the love and support you have shown us here on Facebook this year has taken us all a bit by surprise,” they wrote in the post.

“Many of you have asked when we might return for a reunion,” they continued. “Well, it’s been 14 years since our last years since our last show, longer if you consider our original lineup. But we (Donita, Suzi, Jennifer and Dee) are hearing you, we are talking about it, and we kinda agree. Why the hell not?”

However, they said the tour won’t be possible without help from their fans.

“Here’s the situation… They say to raise a child it takes a village, well to get interest from promoters for L7 to do reunion shows, it’s going to take an ARMY,” they added. “Here’s what we need… We need your continued enthusiasm, your spreading the word by ‘Sharing’ our posts and getting your friends and enemies to ‘Like’ our page.”

They first asked that fans join their mailing list, which you can find here.

As noted in the post, it's been 14 years since L7's hiatus. Their last album, 'Slap-Happy' -- which was also their sixth -- arrived 16 years ago, while their self-titled debut came out in 1988.

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