Of all the grunge bands that came our way, L7 were among the most entertaining and energetic. The Los Angeles-based female rockers have announced their first live dates in almost 15 years. "Many of you have asked when we might return for a reunion. Well, it’s been 14 years since our last show, longer if you consider our original line up," the band stated on their website. "But we (Donita, Suzi, Jennifer, and Dee), are hearing you, we are talking and we kinda agree! Why the hell not?"

The band made the official announcement via their Facebook page under the headline, "Attention: You Did It!!!"

Your support, prayers, pleads, demands, and harassment here on this page have worked! The Original Line-up of L7 ARE REUNITING! (and it feels so good). WOO HOO! More shows to be announced tomorrow and in the upcoming weeks so don't worry.

The only shows announced thus far are the Azkena Rock Festival (June 19 in Spain) and the Hellfest Open Air Festival (June 20 in France).

In addition, there is a documentary about the band in the works called 'L7: Pretend We're Dead.' The band and filmmaker Sarah Price have taken the Kickstarter route to get the project finished. So far, the project has already raised over $10,000. You can watch the trailer below: