Think your record collection is awesome? Wait until you hear about the guy in Brazil who's buying up all of the world's vinyl records.

According to the New York Times, 62-year-old Zero Freitas, a Brazilian bus magnate, has been purchasing vinyl record collections, a hobby that's consumed him since he was a child. “I’ve gone to therapy for 40 years to try to explain this to myself,” he told the paper.

By the time he finished high school, he had more than 3,000 records in his collection. Freitas took over his family's bus company, which made him rich by the time he was 40. After he and his wife broke up, he started buying more and more records. Today, he has more than three million albums and 45s.

To keep track of his massive collection, Freitas has a dozen interns who are busy cataloging the records he stores in a warehouse. But as the Times points out, it hasn't been easy for them, since he's buying way more record every day than they're able to keep track of.

Scouring the planet for abandoned collections, Freitas buys records by the truckload. Sometimes he ends up with several copies of the same album, and sometimes they turn out to be quite valuable. And he doesn't seem to really care what he collects: He once even purchased a set that came with 15,000 polka albums.

Either way, the dude has amassed one jealousy-provoking record collection that puts your weekend flea-market finds to shame.