Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams each have their own illustrious careers as individual artists; Campbell's calling card is quite simply his work with the legendary Bob Dylan (among other things like, you know, picking up Grammys for his behind-the-scenes work with Levon Helm), and his wife, Williams, has toured as a member of Phil Lesh and Friends and created the role of Sara Carter (the lead singer of the Original Carter Family) for the stage, BBC and PBS.

Now, in 2015, the pair are gearing up to release their debut solo album as a duo, Larry Campbell and Teresa Williamson June 23 via Red House Records. Ahead of the record hitting the streets, we had the chance to catch up with Campbell and Williams at this year's edition of Mountain Jam at Hunter Mountain, New York. Check out our exclusive interview in the video above.

With their distinct and prolific backgrounds, stepping into the spotlight together to work on an album came with its own obstacles. "The other things we've done, we've always had some level of objectivity," Campbell tells us. "I'm used to producing other people's records, [but] producing our record ... it's a challenge."

"It had no real continuity," he adds. "It was laborious, but in spite of all that, when it was finally finished and we were able to get away form it for awhile ... I realized we had done what we set out to do."

In September and October, Campbell and Williams will hit the road as support for Jackson Browne; you can check out more details here.