In today's constantly saturated world of music, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle of new bands, hit singles and under-the-radar acts. Fortunately, though, there are those musicians that are able to stand the test of time and rise above the noise; such is Rusted Root.

Entering the music scene in 1990 -- and breaking out with the smash hit "Send Me on My Way" from the platinum-selling When I Woke -- Rusted Root have continued to grow throughout the years, releasing several studio albums, a live record, a handful of EPs and a best-of compilation, all the while staying on the road.

In fact, it's that commitment to their live show that has allowed them to always make new music; rather than banging out songs inside a studio, they work them out on stage.

Hanging out at Mountain Jam 2015, we had the chance to catch up with all of Rusted Root and we asked them about their longevity as a band. "It's really just keeping focused on the live experience and always trying to explore new frontiers in music," frontman Michael Glabicki tells us, "and new emotional landscapes and being really honest with each other."

Check out our exclusive conversation with Glabicki and company in the video above, and in case you weren't able to make Mountain Jam (or you just want to relive your experiences), get a taste of the festival's third day -- featuring Rusted Root and plenty more -- in the gallery below: