Early fall is an amazing time in the baseball world. Seemingly dormant outfielders become home run sluggers, while bad-record teams (Chicago Cubs excluded) rise from their regular-season ashes to become world champions. Midwest rockers Late in the Playoffs evoke this wonderful time of year through a revival of early-'00s pop punk that packs a powerful October punch.

Their new single, 'Golden Years,' is drum-heavy banger filled with nasally singing and a call-and-response chorus. As with all Chicago-based pop-punk, it's epic and will certainly garner repeat listens.

"Co-written with Transit's Tim Landers, 'Golden Years' became a beautiful accident when it was purposely written in approximately 15 minutes," singer Aaron Goldschmidt tells Diffuser.fm. "The last song completed on the record and in the shortest amount of time quickly became the band's favorite and [a] single for the album."

Download the new track below and check out 'Alive and On Your Own,' the band's debut record.

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