Michigan-based Lawnmower started as singer-songwriter and guitarist Travis Bravender’s solo project back in 2010, when he released ‘Franchise Wings,’ his first LP under the alias. The project has since expanded into a trio, and this past April saw the release of the EP 'Whack Yer Brain,’ which the band is calling its proper debut. No matter where you land on the group’s timeline, however, their sound consistently reflects a great admiration of ‘90s lo-fi indie and pop-punk.

The band pokes fun at its sound, calling the EP “four songs about life, love and testicular cancer at Degrassi High.” We think there’s a little more to it than that, though, which is apparent on ‘Team Spirit,’ the opening track and today’s free MP3 download. It’s a fuzzy and frenzied tune, but it clearly demonstrates that Lawnmower know exactly what they’re doing.

“It’s a song about being hyper-aware of the image you project to other people, and maybe second-guessing some of those decisions,” Bravender told Diffuser.fm.

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