Electro wunderkind and ghetto adventurer Leepaco Industries leads an inspired and experimental lifestyle. In this instance, art imitates life. The faceless artist and I used to work together in the food industry, and of all the strong personalities on our night shifts, the mischievous LI stood out from the rest. His resume includes traveling to the top 10 most destitute locales in America -- Detroit, the bad part (all parts) of St Louis, etc. -- to take photos and video of dilapidated buildings and homes; partying with hookers; and, as Leepaco Industries, making really fun, atmospheric, quirky dance tunes layered with ocean sounds and ambient noise in between electronic blips.

Today's free MP3, 'Duckstar,' comes from LI's debut full-length. The upbeat single has a subtle '90s vibe, recalling the Crystal Method, or how you might expect a Filter interlude to sound if they didn't have that annoying leather-pants-wearing guy yelling over it. When we asked LI how he chose 'Duckstar' as a single, he explained, "I think it's more polished than the rest of the songs, more complete."

Wait for it ...

"And it's about intelligent ducks traveling through space," he added.

A dance song about aquatic birds exploring deep space: What's not to love? On a more terrestrial note, visit the Leepaco Industries YouTube channel to catch glimpses of dying America.

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