The second season of HBO's True Detective departs from the first in terms of setting and characters, so it would only make sense that those changes come with a change in the show's title sequence, too.

The intro for the new season uses Leonard Cohen's "Nevermind," a sparse and sinister-sounding track off his 2014 album, Popular Problems"I was not caught / Though many tried / I live among you / Well disguised," Cohen speak-sings. As Vulture points out, the song originated as a poem Cohen wrote and published in his 2006 collection Book of Longing.

The song suits the show's new urban setting of Los Angeles the same way the Handsome Family's "Far From Any Road" and its gruff, southern sound set the stage for the first season of the series, which took place largely in the plains of Cajun Louisiana.

T Bone Burnett -- the record producer who often works with the Cohen Brothers to select music for their films -- returns as music supervisor for season two. Check out the new title sequence below.

True Detective – Season Two Opening Credits