It's funny -- ha ha or otherwise -- when two pop culture stories crash into each other and that's what has happened in the case of presumed dead cult singer Lewis, (a.k.a. Randy Wulff) and the recently momentarily famous Brazilian record collector, Zero Freitas.

An update on Twitter by someone known as BrazilLPCollector seems to indicate that Lewis could have been found among the three million (and counting) records housed in one of Freitas' warehouses.

As you can see above, the tweet was aimed at Light In The Attic Records, the label that reissued Lewis' album 'L 'Amor' earlier this year. They are set to release his second album, 'Romantic Times,' next week, so this sudden revelation comes at a very interesting time.

It is unclear if BrazilLPCollector is Freitas or just some wax fiend having his way with a hoax. At the time of this writing, the account has less than 30 followers and, what with the spotlight recently shone on him, you'd think that number would be much higher. Fact or fiction, it does tie these two odd and disparate characters together in one tidy tale.

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