Minimalist blues-folk singer Lexie Roth is flushed with the success of her self-titled full-length debut, yet her hungry heart still seeks satisfaction -- and definition. The young Brooklyn resident is sure about one thing: her inherent need to create melody, which was likely inborn and inherited from her storied and gifted guitar-playing father. But like most 20-somethings, she still yearns to make sense of anything and everything else about herself.

“'Stay Or Go' is about the frantic restlessness of being in your early 20s and feeling constantly compelled to seek or forge an identity and a life; it’s about the struggle of being just one person wanting to experience, see, taste, meet, be everything and everyone at once," Roth told "And its about the dichotomy of living between two radically different places."

Join Roth on her search and enjoy the inquisitive yet cozy single 'Stay Or Go.'
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