A woman struts down a snowy sidewalk in the latest Lexus commercial, which features the indie rock song 'Snowflake' by British band Malachai.

This is no ordinary car commercial. It was filmed by video director extraordinaire Jonas Akerlund, who has been responsible for innovative videos like Madonna's 'Ray of Light,' U2's 'Walk On,' Prodigy's 'Smack My B--- Up' and Christina Aguilera's 'Beautiful.'

Akerlund's Lexus spot blends clips of the vehicle racing down icy streets with footage of an attractive lady crunching the ice on the sidewalk with her heels. Despite the bad weather, she's turning heads with her expensive outfit and confident manner.

"Since when has a little weather been a good reason to sacrifice style?" a narrator asks as the all-weather sedan pulls up to the curb and picks up the woman. "Perform beautifully, regardless of the conditions," the voice says in closing.

Malachai consists of single-named performers Gee and Scott, who list Portishead, DJ Shadow and '60s psychedelic pop music among their influences. 'Snowflake' appeared on the duo's 2010 album 'Ugly Side of Love' and on the soccer video game 'FIFA 11.'

Hear Malachai's 'Snowflake' in the Lexus All-Weather Drive Commercial