While Oasis and Blur may have reconciled, not all of the feuds emanating from the ‘90s Battle of Britpop have dissipated. Brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher may be rekindling old quarrels, this time over circulating Oasis reunion rumors.

Liam took aim at his brother today (May 6) after the High Flying Birds frontman denied rumors of the English rockers’ reunion. In a tweet, Liam compared Noel to English reality television star Katie Hopkins and accused his brother of “talking out of his slack arse”:

Speculation of an Oasis reunion began back in March when Liam shared a photo with a backstage pass to one of his brother’s solo gigs. Chatter surrounding a potential comeback intensified when a source told the The Daily Mirror the Gallagher brothers had come to a “gentlemen’s agreement” to reform their former Britpop outfit.

However, Noel rebuffed such claims in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, saying, “There was a rumor last week that we’ve had a gentlemen’s agreement, but that rumor’s come from [Liam's] people.”

“It’s a ‘source close to him,’ and I’ll tell you how close it is: She probably wakes up with him every morning,” the Chasing Yesterday singer continued. “It’s always left to me in an interview to let the kids down.”

Noel has been fairly adamant that it would take a lot to persuade him to get on board with an Oasis reunion -- no less than “half a billion” to be exact.

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