Liam Gallagher's outspoken nature is part of his charm. But it also lands him in hot water from time to time — as it did recently on Twitter, where a joking insult he directed at Russian soccer fans prompted a wave of reprisal from followers who felt he'd used inappropriate language.

NME reports that Gallagher sparked a bit of controversy while weighing in on spectator violence at the Euro 2016 soccer matches, particularly fights erupting between Russian and English fans. As you can see in the tweet below, he doesn't take the threat of an angry Russian very seriously.

Of course, as Gallagher was quickly reminded, society has largely evolved past the point where making fun of someone by hinting that they might be homosexual is widely acceptable — and many fans felt his joke was in particularly poor taste during the days after the horrific mass shooting at Orlando's Pulse nightclub on June 12.

Pugnacious as he can be in public, Gallagher isn't a foolish or unreasonable man, and it wasn't long before he realized the error of his ways. He responded to the backlash on June 16, tweeting an apology to anyone who'd been offended by his remarks.

Social media commentary notwithstanding, Gallagher has kept a fairly low profile in recent years. His post-Oasis group Beady Eye disbanded in 2014, and aside from a single solo gig the following year, he seems to be taking his time figuring out his next musical move.

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