Liam Gallagher and former New Order bassist Peter Hook will appear in an upcoming documentary about the iconic Haçienda club in Manchester.

You Own the Dançefloor chronicles the history of the Haçienda, which opened in 1982 and was funded in large part by New Order and Factory Records. It will also feature interviews with Inspiral Carpets’ Clint Boon and DJs Graeme Park, Mike Pickering and Dave Haslam.

Director Chris Hughes enlisted a film crew entirely made up of volunteers, and all proceeds will go toward charity.

“I went to the club a few times but I was never a regular,” Hughes told the Manchester Evening News. “I was mainly an indie kid then.”

However, three years after the Haçienda shuttered in 1997, Hughes attended the auction that sold off pieces of the club. The director walked away with a piece of the dance floor for £5. “I’m fascinated by music culture,” he said. “I went to the auction because I thought it’d be interesting, and I wanted to own a piece of the club.”

Hughes added that the club played an influential role in the Manchester music scene of the era and, as such, maintains a special place in the memories of those who frequented it. “But, you know, people get very misty-eyed when I asked the question: ‘What made the Haçienda so special?’ It’s like I’m taking them back to the best night of their lives,” Hughes said.

You Own the Dançefloor will make its premiere at Manchester’s Royal Northern College of Music on Aug. 15.

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