Tongues were wagging following Prince Harry's recent scandal-plagued weekend in Las Vegas, which included various controlled substances and photographed debauchery. But Beady Eye frontman and former Oasis member Liam Gallagher doesn't think Harry did anything wrong -- in fact, he'd like to be invited next time.

"I'd like to party with Prince Harry. He's cool," Gallagher said during a recent interview. "If I was a ginger prince and third in line to the throne, I'd get [drunk] and naked every night. Just for the hell of it. I've never got so bladdered I've got naked, though. I can handle my booze."

Gallagher's most recent famous party companions? The Spice Girls, who joined him for some post-Olympics festivities over the summer. "The Spice Girls were a lot better on the booze than I thought after the Olympics. They're not bad for old dears," he quipped. "They'll never outlast me though, no one will. I'm not saying I'm a God, but I'm not far off."

However, as he admits, his history on the British club scene will probably keep him from bumping into Harry behind any velvet ropes. "I'm banned from everywhere. All the clubs in London. They've all banned me."