Hailing from the cultural hotbed of Ypsilanti, Mich., Lightning Love prove that in the digital age it's not where you are but who you are that counts. Producing songs of instantly endearing charm, their full-length 'Blonde Album,' out later this August on Quite Scientific Records, is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Grab a free download of 'Together' here.

'Blonde Album' isn't exactly Lightning Love's debut -- they released 'November Birthday' in 2008 and an EP called 'Girls Who Look Like Me' earlier this year -- but listening to the first sneak peeks at 'Blonde Album,' it's hard not to feel that 2012 is a breakout year for them. They write songs with such infectious bounce that they seem custom tailored to drive the feel-good scenes in movies. In fact, their tunes have already made it onto the big screen -- the track 'Everyone I Know' made it into 2010's 'The Virginity Hit,' produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay.

But below the sunny veneer, today's download of 'Together' has a darker lyrical undercurrent.

"No one really cared about me and what I did in Ypsilanti until I joined a band. Then all of sudden I was part of this weird gossip machine," singer/keyboardist Leah Diehl tells Diffuser.fm. "It felt so stupid, but I was always able to ignore it until I started hanging out with this guy. We both started hearing crazy rumors, some of them being really mean, and I was pissed. I guess I was a coward because rather than confront them, I just put what I was feeling into those lyrics. But you know, I didn't want to encourage them either. So that's what that song's all about: Me being a frustrated, pissed off little coward."

If this is what she sounds like pissed off, imagine what she sounds like beaming. Download 'Together' below, and get ready for Lightning Love to brighten up the rest of your summer.

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