Lili Haydn's soaring career as a singer-songwriter-violinist has included four critically acclaimed major label records and tours with such luminaries as Sting, Seal and Robert Plant. George Clinton of P-Funk called her "the Jimi Hendrix of the violin." Today she shares 'Tyrant,' a dynamic whirlwind of a single from her forthcoming record 'I Am a Man.'

One listen to 'Tyrant,' and you'll understand why Hans Zimmer tapped Haydn as the featured voice and violin for film scores such as 'Pirates of the Caribbean.' Her effortlessly virtuosic violin and layered vocal harmony give it an exotic, fantastical sensibility that remains emotionally potent.

"What I'm trying to express in 'Tyrant' is that we all have the ability to destroy or create love," Haydn tells "If I hurt you, it's probably because I'm not seeing or feeling your humanity, which is not that different in spirit from when Kaddafi or Assad kill their own people. It's about seeing each other's humanity. I don't want to be a tyrant and hurt anyone anymore; I just want to love."

Grab 'Tyrant' below and look out for 'I Am A Man' in early 2013.

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